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As a writer, I developed several feature films (in various genres), short films, series pilots, and a novel – and translated and consulted on many more. I also directed one of my dramatic shorts, and took on various other roles in film production and on movie sets. I have since complemented my education with a Conservatory Screenwriting degree at the New York Film Academy.


I’m a bit of an idealist (a disgruntled idealist, but an idealist nonetheless). So while my films do tend to address social and political issues, I also strive to create intimate, even light-hearted stories, since I believe that heavy, controversial topics are often better tackled through well-placed, poignant humor and identifiable characters, than patronizing finger pointing. But not all my writing has a political theme or message; I also enjoy writing the odd family comedy or fantasy/action flick.


When I am not writing, you can find me joining a game of volleyball with friends, trying to successfully use the produce from my rooftop garden, or researching all the nerdy references my engineer daughter throws at me like indecipherable code. Gotta keep up.


I may have picked a somewhat unoriginal, if not ominous, heading for this About section: "Who am I" sounds like the promise of a pretentious philosophical discourse. I mean, who are we, indeed? But at the risk of disappointing some of you more intellectual folks, here instead is a perhaps more prosaic introduction of my professional history:

I originally studied international relations in the US and Austria, and worked as translator and editor, before taking over the management of the Austrian production company Penny Lane Film in 2005. I later worked as a producer, script editor, and assistant director. More recently, my primary focus as a producer was in project development, and working on these films rekindled my love for writing – something I abandoned somewhat after college.

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