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Completed Projects

Here's a small selection of projects I have supported in various roles,

be it as writer, director, producer, translator or script editor:


Short film (USA 2020)

MY ROLEwriter, director

A father finds a joint in his late daughter’s diary, and smokes it as a sweet farewell.


Maybe Tomorrow (OT: La Vie Nous Appartient)


Feature film (Austria 2013), directed by Alex K. Lee

MY ROLE: producer, 1st AD

After meeting online, Sarah and Philip decide to hike into the mountains with the intent to jump off a cliff together.

LVNA thumbnail.jpeg

Close Quarters

TV Drama miniseries (2021)  by Alex Lee

MY ROLE: original idea, script consultant

Two muses beguile a group of unsuspecting art students to settle a private score.


Feature film (Slovenia/Austria 2018), directed by Darko Stante

MY ROLE: translator (script, application/promotional material)

Eighteen-year-old Andrej has to fight for his place in a youth detention center, while getting closer to Zeljko, the inmates’ informal leader, struggling to hide his repressed secret.


Feature Film (Germany, 2020)  by Mariana Jukica

MY ROLE: production support

Scared of love. Addicted to the end. Together. Alone.


Stage Left

TV Movie (Austria 2011), directed by Alex K. Lee

MY ROLE: script advisor​, production support


Short  Film (Austria 2009), directed by Marco Zimprich

MY ROLE: script advisor, line producer


Short  Film (Austria 2008), directed by Alex K. Lee

MY ROLE: 1st. AD, set manager


Scripts in Development

Here's a selection of projects I am currently writing on:

(more info, including completed drafts available upon request)

Warbird (feature, dramedy)

A single working mother tries to reconnect with her teenage son by anonymously approaching him in the chat of his favorite online game.

Anarchia (feature, dark comedy)

A washed-up landlord invites homeless punks to occupy his building, not anticipating squatters and tenants teaming up to battle him instead.

Dreamer (novel, fantasy)

Inside an alternate world, we follow a young poet’s personal journey during a political uprising, when he is inadvertently forced to confront ingrained extremist biases.

Off the Wall (TV series, action)

Five teenagers wake up as the sole survivors of an apparent ritual gone wrong, without memory of who they are, but equipped with unique martial arts skills they use to battle a mysterious powerful enemy. 

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