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I offer an array of film-related translation and revision services, including:

Script Editing and Coverages

I provide extensive script consulting and editing services, from short script coverages, to more comprehensive and personal script analyses and guidance, whether for your feature, short film,  or TV / streaming content.

Consultation on Promotional Material

My decade long experience in project development and promotion also allows me to offer consultation in, and revision of, your  presentation materials, including:

  • synopses, press kits, press releases, director- & producer's statements

  • submission material for subsidies, grants, awards

  • budgeting, financial- & marketing plans


I translate any English and German film-related texts (and also review already translated material), such as:

  • full scripts, treatments, exposés

  • subtitles and foreign-language dialogue

  • promotional & application material

Being a writer myself, makes me uniquely qualified to tackle translations of creative work, careful to respect the artistic footprint of the original author.

My extensive international network of experienced film professionals also allows me to offer translations from/into other languages, such as Italian, French and more, upon request.

Please don't  hesitate to contact me for any additional info, including for related requests maybe not mentioned here.

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